Yorkshire Terrier

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The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkie, is a small dog from the Terrier family. The Yorkie is a popular breed with people of all ages and lifestyles, but especially with the elderly and families with young children.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Scientific & Common Names

The scientific name for this breed of dog is "Yorkshire Terrier - Canis lupus familiaris." The Yorkshire Terrier is also familiarly known as the "Yorkie."


Standing 6 to 7 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing a maximum of 7 pounds, the Yorkshire Terrier is classified as a small breed. The Yorkie has a small, compact body with short legs. His coat is long and silky, and the fur is perfectly straight. The fur around the muzzle is also long and straight.


Many reputable breeders are dedicated to preserving the dignity and history of the Yorkshire Terrier. Purebred Yorkies may also be found at most animal shelters and canine rescues, due to the popularity of the breed. The "Teacup Yorkie" is typically a term used by disreputable breeders, and these breeders should be avoided. The Yorkie's lifespan is typically 17-20 years, when properly bred.


The Yorkie is overprotective of his pack and thrives on attention. He is very active, but since he is so small, he can fulfill his daily exercise on the living room floor with a ball or small toy. He does not need a lot of walks, so he is an ideal choice for those who live in small spaces or have a sedentary lifestyle.


The Yorkshire Terrier hails from England, and first appeared in the mid-19th century. The Yorkie was imported to the United States around 1885, which is the same year the first Yorkie was registered with the American Kennel Club.

Present Status

The Yorkshire Terrier is consistently ranked among the top ten most popular dogs in the country. Many rescue groups and organizations are dedicated to preserving the breed. These dogs are perfect for families with small children, single individuals and the elderly, as they are small and easy to care for.