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Not a true dragon, the wyvern is nonetheless grouped with them because of their very similar appearances. A wyvern has two legs that end in talons while dragons have four legs that end in claws. Both have large, bat-like wings and reptilian tails.



Scientific Name

The wyvern (Draco wyvernesis) is also sometimes called a wivern.


A large, reptilian creature with large, bat-like wings, a long tail, and two legs that end in eagle-like talons.

Unlike dragons, wyverns can be land-dwellers or sea-dwellers. Their coloring will reflect their breed: sea-wyverns are blue-green while land wyverns are usually red-brown.

Also unlike dragons, wyverns cannot breathe fire or ice.


Originally from Africa, Wyverns eventually settled all over Europe. Because of their more friendly nature toward humans, they were allowed to have their lairs much closer to settlements and villages, creating a much more neighborly relationship with people.

Because of this, wyverns were adopted as heraldic symbols by knights, cities, and even modern schools and teams.

Present Status

Wyverns are occasionally but regularly sighted in Wales, UK and Norway. They are still used in the seals and banners of cities.


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