Two-Headed Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Two-Headed Dragon is thought to perhaps be a distant relation of the Hydra. Its dual heads can strike extremely quickly and make it a challenging foe, should anyone choose to attack it.

Two-Headed Dragon

Two-Headed Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco duo collum


This dragon's most obvious feature is its second head. The head on its right side is typical of dragons, with two eyes and two horns, while the head on the left features a single horn and one cycloptic eye. This suggests that the second head was a later addition through evolution or magic, and both were not developed at the same time.

This dragon lacks wings, but its long legs make it an excellent and swift runner. Its strong scales help protect it from attack, and its two heads are each on long, flexible necks that allow it to strike from multiple directions at once with blinding speed.


The Two-Headed Dragon is thought to be a hybrid of the Eastern Dragon and the Hydra, though the circumstances that brought the two together are not known. Though no one has ever witnessed the hatching of a Two-Headed Dragon, it's thought that they may be born with a single head, with the second head sprouting off at some point during the dragon's growth and development. These dragons cannot fly or breathe fire, but are still quite formidable due to their lithe, agile body, twin spiked tail clubs and serpentine necks.

Present Status

Possibly because of their Hydra roots, Two-Headed Dragons often congregate in large groups. They may seem comparatively rare, but they actually form large colonies of up to a hundred individuals. Very few people who stumble upon such a colony live to tell the tale.