Twilight Dragon

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Twilight Dragon

Twilight Dragon

Scientific Name

The Twilight Dragon is a specific breed of European Dragon (Draco varanus) and is also known as Night Dragon or Demon Dragon, because of its coloring. European Dragon is one of two major species of dragon currently alive, the other being Asian Dragon (Draco yang). Wyverns (Draco varanus wyvernis) are a subspecies of European Dragon.


European Dragons have two sets of legs, similar to lizards; long, serpentine bodies, similar to snakes; and large, leathery wings, similar to bats. The Twilight Dragon has a wide, muscular snout that is frequently confused for rocky outcrops when the dragon is resting on mountainsides.


Twilight dragons are some of the least studied dragons, owing to their reclusive and aggressive nature. They are very territorial and, during the day, blend into their preferred surroundings of black stone very well. They are active primarily at night.

The first known sighting of a Twilight Dragon was in 1036, in the Durmitor Mountains, in what is now Montenegro. The woman who reported the sighting was exorcised by the bishop.

The last unconfirmed sighting was in 2008. A child (identity unknown) reported that she had seen a dragon flying over the Danube river while her mother was doing the washing. The mother did not see anything.

The last confirmed sighting was in 1973. Ivanka Knežević, a gymnasium teacher, saw two dragons flying together, back and forth, for several minutes. She had enough time to take three pictures, which led to the eventual classification of her sighting as Twilight Dragons.

Present Status

Extremely rare, endemic to eastern Europe, assumed still living.