Thorn Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Thorn Dragon is a prickly creature that makes its home in burned forests and desolated lands.

Thorn Dragon

Thorn Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco spinus


The Thorn Dragon is a brown and green dragon characterized by its jagged, spiky appearance and needle-like razor sharp teeth. Even its wings have dangerous thorny spines on them. Its scales are tipped with gold, but most of its body is a dark brown to help it camouflage in its environment. It prefers not to be disturbed, but is extremely dangerous if provoked.


The body of Thorn Dragons is similar to that of the wyvern, with arms that have grown into wings, rather than having separate arms and wings like many other dragon types. This suggests that they may share a common ancestor, or that Thorn Dragons are descended from wyverns. Thorn Dragons typically live in areas that have been destroyed by fire, such as the ruins of old villages or ancient dead forests. It uses its thorny camouflage to blend in with burnt trees or other scorched structures, often standing stock still to avoid being detected by intruders.

Present Status

Thorn Dragons are not often seen, due to their secretive nature and their specialized habitat. Few humans venture to the places where Thorn Dragons congregate, which are usually the sites of ancient battles or catastrophic natural disasters. Such desolated are often believed to be haunted or cursed, and thus only the bravest or most foolhardy travelers will dare to brave such lands. Even then, one might completely miss a Thorn Dragon, believing it to be just another desiccated husk of a tree or an old support beam twisted and warped by flames. Such souls should count themselves lucky, as a Thorn Dragon revealing itself rarely results in a fortunate encounter for any humans nearby.