Sun Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Sun Dragon is a very ancient dragon, and is almost mythical in its status even in the world of dragons and monsters. The legend states that it provided the ancestors of today's dragons with the original Dragon Fire. It is gentle yet powerful and extremely intelligent. The Sun Dragon commands respect and reverence from from all dragons, as well as many other creatures.

Sun Dragon

Sun Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco solis


The Sun Dragon appears to be entirely made up of blinding light and fire. This dragon radiates heat from every scale on its body, and it is said that its presence can raise the temperature by up to 5 degrees in areas over five miles away. The Sun Dragon prefers to stand upright on two legs, rather than the quadrupedal stance favored by most dragons, and its wise eyes and benevolent smile stand in contrast to its awe-inspiring appearance.


The legend of the Sun Dragon's gift of fire mirrors that of the Greek god Prometheus giving fire to humanity. The Sun Dragon is believed to have flown around the sun and absorbed its great power in the form of Dragon Fire, which it passed along to other dragons by flying over and raining its gift down upon them. Oral tales of this legend have been passed on through countless generations.

The Sun Dragon is rarely encountered, but often those who see it must shield their eyes and are unable to look directly at its shining magnificence. While its radiance can be challenging to those in its presence, it does not intentionally cause harm to others.

Present Status

Only one Sun Dragon is known to exist, and it is believed that the Sun Dragon of today is the very same beast that originally provided fire to dragonkind. It is an immeasurably ancient and wise creature.