Stag Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Stag Dragon is a beautiful and powerful beast, but also a shy and passive creature that prefers to be left alone in the forests in which it resides.

Stag Dragon

Stag Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco cervum


The Stag Dragon seems to blend the features of mammalian deer and elk with those of reptilian dragons. It is an ancient creature and has many similarities with ancient beasts who walked the Earth many millions of years ago. It has massive antlers and hooves like an elk, with a furry mane and tail. It also has bony plates and is covered in silvery scales.


The Stag Dragon is ancient even by dragon standards. It was believed to thrive in the cold weather of the last ice age, and may have been hunted to extinction by early humans. It preferred to avoid contact with men, often fleeing rather than fighting when approached. Its non-aggressive nature may have made it a more appealing target for hunters.

Present Status

It is believed to be extinct, though unconfirmed sightings are occasionally reported in remote forests and other areas of unspoiled wilderness. It's possible that the last remaining Stag Dragons have simply become better at eluding their human pursuers.