Snow Dragon

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One of the rarest dragons, the snow dragon only inhabits areas that can support its feeding and are ice-covered year-round. This leaves very small territories.

Snow dragons are assumed to be on the brink of extinction, if not extinct already.

Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco articus


This pure white dragon is smaller than most other dragons, getting no longer than 10 feet. It still has the serpentine body, four feet ending in claws, and large, bat-like wings.

To maintain its body heat in extreme cold temperatures, the snow dragon brings stones to its cave lairs and breathes fire on them. As the stones cool, the cave is warmed for several hours.

It also eats much more than other dragons, relative to its body size, for the same reason. Its preferred diet is penguins or foxes, depending on which pole they inhabit.


Because of the harsh environments these dragons inhabit, very few sightings have been documented and very little study has been conducted.

One snow dragon was known to live at Mount Erebus, Antarctica’s only active volcano, in the early 1900s, but no sightings have been made since 1947.

Robert Falcon Scott noted in his expedition diary that he had found a dragon skeleton, but it was never located, following the deaths of Scott and his entire expedition crew.

Present Status

Unknown, assumed extinct.


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