Sinister Dragon

Category: Fantasy

Everything about the Sinister Dragon lives up to its name: its armored scales, its wicked claws, and its hideous grinning mouth.

Sinister Dragon

Sinister Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco pravus


From its snout to the tip of its tail, the Sinister Dragon is covered in armor-like scales. Its bat-like wings and spiked tail club add to its fearsome appearance. Its mouth is twisted in a toothful grin that reveals its evil intent.


The Sinister Dragon is a very powerful Dark Dragon. Unlike others of this group that only appear under specific conditions, the Sinister Dragon can potentially be encountered at any time after sunset, in just about any location. Villages erect tall walls and locked gates to keep this monstrous creature out, but bright lights are the only trusted method to keep it at bay, and its power grows stronger in the darkness.

Present Status

The Sinister Dragon is unique among the Dark Dragons in its ability to appear on any given night, as long as the sun has set. It is not known if there is only one of these malignant creatures, or if there are many. Sightings across the world indicate that either there are a number of these beasts, or the Sinister Dragon is willing to travel great distances to cause terror and chaos.