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Siamese cats are easily recognizable, and are one of the earliest recognized breeds of cat from Asia.



Scientific & Common Names

Genus Species – Felis catus

Common Names – Siamese, Thai Cat, Wichienmaat


Siamese cats are well known for their pointed coat, which means it is mostly light but dark at the “points”: the face, feet, ears and the end of the tail. Their main body is cream-colored, while their extremities are dark brown. Their eyes are a striking pale blue.


There are many selectively bred variations in the Siamese cat, which favor certain traits or colorations, particularly with regards to the pointed areas. These include the seal point Siamese (dark, almost black points), the chocolate point Siames (warm chocolate points), the blue point Siamese (silvery or slate blue points), and the lilac point Siamese (pinkish gray points).


Siamese are known for their personality. They are very social and forthcoming with their affection, and they much prefer to have humans around for companionship. They are intelligent, active and playful, and are often described as more similar to dogs than cats in their behavior.


Siamese cats originated in Thailand, which was originally known as Siam, and are mentioned in texts that date back hundreds of years. During the 1950s and 1960s, many breeders preferred a more slender build, resulting in selective breeding that favored this look. Today, two types of Siamese are recognized: the traditional “original” Siamese, and the thinner, more elongated “modern” Siamese.

Present Status

With its distinctive looks and personality, Siamese are consistently ranked at or near the top of the most popular breeds of domestic cat. The Siamese itself has served as the basis for over a dozen derived breeds, including the Himalayan and the Oriental.