Sea Dragon

Category: Fantasy

While it retains the classic serpentine body common to all true dragons, the Sea Dragon does not have the bat-like wings that usually accompany it. As its name implies, the Sea Dragon is a marine dragon and does not fly.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco oceanius


Adapted to life in the open ocean, the Sea Dragon has adapted accordingly: its body mass is larger, its tail is broader, longer and has more pronounced fins for swimming.

It also has fins along its powerful legs and webbing in between its toes. All these adaptations make it a powerful swimmer.


Originally thought to be the Kraken, Sea Dragons are some of the largest dragons on earth. Because they do not fly, their bodies are able to grow much larger than other dragons.

They were finally identified as Sea Dragons instead of Krakens or other creatures when an extremely well-preserved dead specimen washed up on a beach in Indonesia in 1752.

Since then, two more dead specimens have been identified, and there have been several sightings of live Sea Dragons in the open ocean.

Present Status

A tagging program was recently launched to monitor Sea Dragon activity and population, based on similar, successful programs used on various whale populations. First data sets are expected to be released in 2016.


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