Rose the Fairy Queen

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The ruler of the entire woodland realm, the Fairy Kingdom, Rose the Fairy Queen only took the throne recently. She’s still learning how to be an effective, fair and kind ruler, which is not easy. Sometimes, she has to be strict with her subjects, other times, she can be gentler and kinder, but knowing when to be which is hard to tell sometimes.

Rose the Fairy Queen has trusted advisers like Old Man Oleander and Lady Tulip, who advised her mother before her, but Rose also trusts the advice of her friends, including Bluebell, Iris and Jasmine. They give Queen Rose new perspectives to think about, which help her be a better and fairer Queen.

Even though reigning is a full-time job, Queen Rose tries to take an hour for herself every day, when no one can bother her unless it’s urgent kingdom business. She likes to leave her crown at the Flower Castle and to go swimming behind waterfalls and race-flying swifts. The swifts have no idea she’s a queen of her people, they just know Rose is not a very good flyer, but her fearlessness makes her a worthwhile race.

Queen Rose is also very fond of sweets. The very best cooks and bakers in the kingdom create desserts in her honor. She always has one, but shares the rest with her subjects, a practice that has earned her the nickname “Sweet Queen Rose.”

Rose the Fairy Queen

Rose the Fairy Queen

Scientific Name

Fairies (Fata faierie) are closely related to sprites (Fata spriggan). Goblins and trolls are also part of the Fata family.


Generally, fairies are eight to ten inches tall when full-grown. They are usually human-shaped, usually fair-skinned, and winged, though this is by no means a rule. Fairies have been seen in the shape of small woodland creatures, including small rodents and birds. Some fairies are also innate shape-shifters, though this is not common.


As varied as the places from whence they hail, fairies from Britain and Ireland—the most common ancestor to the American fairy—have been known to humans as long as humans have lived on those islands. Occasionally confused with pixies, who are also very small in stature, fairies are most known for the raucous parties they hold in fairy rings and for occasionally stealing human children.

Present Status

No confirmed sightings in over 200 years, though mushroom fairy rings, used for parties or circuses, are common after rain.