Puff Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Puff Dragon uses tactics similar to a puffer fish to help it get out of potentially dangerous situations.

Puff Dragon

Puff Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco balloonii


Puff Dragons look much heftier than they actually are. Its body is able to stretch and expand when the dragon inhales large amounts of air, which makes them appear much larger and more intimidating than they actually are. In this state, the dragon becomes quite light and must dig its claws into solid ground to avoid being blown away by a strong breeze.


Puff Dragons prefer to be left alone, so they employ a range of tactics to fend off and avoid those whose presence is unwanted. If its puffed up nature doesn’t work, it can expel its stored up air through its mouth with amazing force, with winds speeds approaching hurricane levels. If neither of these methods are successful, the Puff Dragon’s last resort is to inhale several gulps of air, leap into the sky and let air currents whisk them away to a safer location.

It is rumored that Puff Dragons grant wishes, but only to those who can fully voice their desires. Often, wish seekers are blown away by the dragon before they can get more than one or two words out. Puff Dragons enjoy isolation, and tend to live in remote areas that are prone to strong winds, such as small islands or high mountaintops. It’s thought that the first Puff Dragon to use its unique defensive abilities learned by observing pufferfish on the reef surrounding its remote island lair.

Present Status

Puff Dragons are rare creatures that are seldom encountered due to their preference for solitude and their habit of making their homes in difficult to access areas. Those who seek them out must often brave typhoons, hurricanes and unpredictable air currents as they make their way to the lair of the Puff Dragon, and their likely reward will be a brief glimpse before being blasted into the sky by a whoosh of pent up Puff Dragon breath.