Princess Juliet

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The youngest of the three royal siblings, Princess Juliet is actually quite happy to be last in line for the throne. While she respects the hard work and preparation that her sister and brother have already made in preparation for ruling the people, she feels like she can do better by their subjects by working among them.

From a very young age, Juliet loved skipping her tutors’ lessons and disguising herself to blend in with the kingdom’s populace. Her nanny, Rosalie, let King Alfred and Queen Sofia know where the two of them were going everyday—Juliet hadn’t even thought of letting anyone know, but Rosalie didn’t want to worry the king and queen.

Juliet saw firsthand how hard the populace works to keep food on the table and their families housed and clothed. And while she does love the fancy dresses she is expected to wear as a princess, she also feels guilty that not all the children in the kingdom can have outfits just as fancy.

Princess Juliet loves to dance, and does so with great energy. Ladies and gentlemen who dance with and near her know that Juliet is no dainty flower. They know to expect a workout dancing with Juliet.

With her love of dancing, fancy clothes, and bringing joy to the people of the kingdom, Juliet throws a ball once a year that is open to all. She also personally donates fancy clothes to any boy, girl or adult that would like something new to wear to the ball.

In the coming years, Juliet is planning on opening schools for all the children of the kingdom, at her own expense. She is planning on consulting both with her private tutors and meisters from the villages, to find out what the average child needs to know in the kingdom, and what they should know to help it grow bigger and better.

Princess Juliet

Princess Juliet