Princess Emily

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The heir to the throne, Princess Emily has been preparing for her future crown since she was born. King Alfred and Queen Sofia found the best tutors for Emily, and she spoke six languages by the time she was eight, a very important attribute for a future ruler.

Emily also learned all about her country’s history, and the histories of all the neighboring countries, as well as the latest scientific accomplishments near and far. She learned how to inspect armies and how to prepare the soldiers that are willing to die for the kingdom’s safety.

By the time Princess Emily was 12, she was sitting in King Alfred’s council meetings, taking notes and writing down questions. King Alfred would then sit with her after each meeting, for hours sometimes, explaining why he made the choices he did and listening to her points. They did not always agree, but Emily learned that disagreeing respectfully was important to a ruler, too.

At 15, Emily took a seat on the King’s council, becoming an official advisor. Lord Baldrick, who had advised the royal family for three generations, did not approve of her participation until she, with Prince Patrick’s help, solved the hunger crisis that was threatening to destroy the kingdom. Lord Baldrick begged her forgiveness. Emily forgave him readily, but she never forgot the lesson that those older than her would underestimate her. Lord Balrick, meanwhile, learned the lesson that fresh eyes can supply fresh solutions.

Princess Emily takes her future very seriously, but like her younger sister, Juliet, she loves to dance. She doesn’t love new gowns quite as much as Juliet does—she doesn’t feel the need for a new dress for every ball—but the ones she does have, she loves, and keeps them for a long time. Her favorite, the one she calls “the emerald gown”, shimmers with every color of summer when she twirls.

Princess Emily

Princess Emily