Princess Dragon

Category: Fantasy

Princess Dragons are regal, peaceful, serene creatures, and the arrival of a Princess Dragon at a royal coronation is thought to be a sign that the new ruler's reign would be long, noble and wise.

Princess Dragon

Princess Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco regina


Princess Dragons are a beautiful sight to behold, with their soft colors and regal bearing. They are graceful and light on their feet, seeming almost to glide rather than walk. In the air, they soar effortlessly, with an occasional wingebeat so slight that only an expert observer will notice. All who encounter the Princess Dragon are left struck by her beauty. This dragon is a proud and wise beast who spreads peace and calm amongst all creatures.


The Princess Dragon first appeared at the coronation of a Danish princess in the early Middle Ages. The princess's reign lasted many decades, and she attributed her prosperity to the Princess Dragon's blessing.

Present Status

The Princess Dragon has no enemies or natural predators. Other dragons respect it, and humans do not hunt it. Therefore it certainly still exists, but it is elusive, preferring to hide in verdant untouched lands.