Prince Patrick

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Second in line to the throne, after his sister Emily, Prince Patrick has had the same education as she has. While neither of them expect Patrick to ever sit on the throne, he must be prepared in the disastrous case that Emily is unable to receive the crown.

Patrick was never as dedicated to his studies as Emily was. He never mastered Latin or German, as she had, nor could he get as excited about recent studies in chemistry from afar.

Prince Patrick, however, is a master strategist, and can read people very well, a skill hard to teach and harder to master. He could always tell when someone was lying to him, or when someone was trying to hide something, even without lying.

Like Emily, Patrick started sitting in on King Alfred’s council meetings when he was 12. Unlike Emily, he would take notes not on the topics of conversation, but on the advisers themselves. It was at his recommendation that the Minister for Agriculture was put in charge of education instead, boosting the country’s literacy rates and, in turn, book-related trades.

It was Patrick, too, who suggested a farmer from just outside the castle walls, a man called Bjorn, whom Patrick had met the previous year, be brought in to advise the council on matters of agriculture. After talking to Bjorn, Princess Emily came up with a plan to thwart an impeding hunger crisis that could’ve destroyed the kingdom.

Unlike his sisters, Prince Patrick was never very fond of dancing. But he quickly learned that many ladies are, and that few lessons are more important than keeping important ladies—like his mother and sisters—happy. So he learned to dance.

He loves to make his mother and sisters smile, so he frequently brings them roses from the castle gardens. Making them smile does not extend to letting any of them beat him at chess, however. Only his grandfather, Lord Percy, has been able to beat him in the last six years.

Patrick fully intends to remain on the Royal Council after Emily takes the throne.

Prince Patrick

Prince Patrick