Peace Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Peace Dragon is the most docile of all dragon species. Rather than partake in the adventurous journeys of its kin, this dragon prefers to meditate in solitutde, ruminating on philosophy and hoping to find enlightenment.

Peace Dragon

Peace Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco pax


Peace Dragons resemble most other typical dragons, with their scales, claws, wings and horns. However, one can always tell a Peace Dragon by the serene expression on their scaly faces. Peace Dragons often remain completely still for days or even weeks, lost in thought and contemplating the mysteries of time and the universe.


Peace Dragons devote their lives to the inner secrets of the world, and thus have no time for hoarding treasure like other dragons. Still, they command the respect of their kin and are widely regarded as some of the wisest creatures in the world. The Peace Dragon has always preferred a simple life to battle and warfare. It is regarded as a guru by many other dragons, who seek it out for wisdom and advice.

Present Status

Peace Dragons are rare, and are not usually encountered except by those who actively seek them out. If you are not aware of the location of a Peace Dragon in the area, you're apt to walk right by without even noticing it, such is their devotion to complete stillness and silence in their meditative sessions.