Ocean Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Ocean Dragon can make for a frightening sight for any sailor far from land who sees the haunting glow of its lure. But these dragons are not dangerous and rarely pay any attention to humans at all.

Ocean Dragon & Baby Ocean Dragon

Ocean Dragon & Baby Ocean Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco marinus


The Ocean Dragon is believed by many to be a spirit of the sea, embodying characteristics of many marine creatures. Its flattened tail and striated underside recall the great whales it shares its home with, and its glowing lure is reminiscent of the angler fish of the deep sea. It has unique features not found in most other dragons, including webbed feet to help it swim and gills to allow it to breathe underwater.


Lots of lore and legends are associated with Ocean Dragons, as sailors are the most likely to encounter them and they tend to be superstitious. Ocean Dragons are usually only ever seen out on the open sea, far from any visible land. Many a lonely sailor has gazed out upon the ocean at night, only to be awestruck by an eerie glow appearing below the surface. Some sailors believe it to be an omen that portends that their ship will become hopelessly lost, doomed to wander the seas forever, never finding land to make port.

Despite the fear associated with them, these dragons tend to be peaceful creatures. They form strong social bonds, particularly between mother and child. Their glowing lures are actually to help them stay together in the deep darkness of the ocean, rather than the commonly held belief that they’re used to lure sailors to their doom.

Present Status

Ocean Dragon are not thought to be rare, but they are usually only observed in very specific situations. If one is to find an Ocean Dragon, it will typically happen at night, far away from shore. These dragons spend most of their time in the deepest depths of the ocean where almost no light is found beyond what is produced by the sea creatures who live there. They only surface at night, because their eyes are unable to endure the brightness of the sun.