Mountain Dragon

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A close relative to Midnight Moon Dragons, though far more common, Mountain Dragons inhabit Mountains and extinct volcanoes.

Mountain Dragon

Mountain Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco arturus


Build similarly to its near relation, the Midnight Moon Dragon, the Mountain Dragon has a long, serpentine body and an extra-long neck, compared to other dragons. Its nails are shorter but sharper than other dragons.

Its scales are red-brown as are most of its spikes. Mountain Dragons have two large horns on their heads, which are yellow. Their two sets of eyes— wholly exceptional in dragons, except in Midnight Moons, are bright green.

They are known to inhabit extinct volcanoes and other large mountains. If people start encroaching on their territory, unlike most other dragons, Mountain Dragons will abandon their lairs and relocate.


The first Mountain Dragon was identified living on Arthur’s Seat, in Edinburgh, Scotland, sometime in the 600s, making them one of the oldest identified species of dragon.

They have very hard to study, because as soon as humans identify a lair, the dragon relocates. This also poses challenges to monitoring their reach and reproduction.

Present Status

It is currently estimated that there are over a dozen but less than a hundred Mountain Dragons alive, but it is almost impossible to confirm an exact number.

The greatest shared habitat seems to be Monument Valley, on the Arizona-Utah state line in the U.S.


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