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Miragaia (Mee-rah-guy-ah), from Miragaia, lived in the Late Jurassic of Portugal. Miragaia is a stegosaur most closely related to Dacentrurus. It shared the Lourinha environment with the predators Allosaurus, and Torvosaurus, large sauropods and the medium sized herbivore Camptosaurus. The shared species between Portugal and North America support the idea that geographic connections between Europe and North America still existed. It was closely related to Dacentrurus another European stegosaur.

Genera and Species

Classification: Thyreophora, Stegosauridae.

Species: M. longicollum


Miragaia the unusually long neck was longer than its body and length relative to the body is more like the proportions seen in sauropods. The neck and head were held low. The number of neck vertebrae (17) is in fact more than in many sauropods and rivals the very long-necked Mamenchisaurus.


LENGTH: 6 m (20 ft).

WEIGHT: 2 tons.


The long neck was well adapted for browsing. The long neck could also have been used for display in mating.

History of Discovery

Discovered by Mateus, Maidment and Christiansen in 2009 known from front half of skeleton and parts of pelvic girdle.


Found in Portugal then large island that was seasonally dry woodland.


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