Midnight Moon Dragon

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Very poorly studied due to the hazardous nature of their habitats: Midnight Moon Dragons live in caves and crevices along active volcanoes.

Midnight Moon Dragon

Midnight Moon Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco vulcanus


One of the fiercest and most dangerous dragons— and not just because they nest in active volcanoes— Midnight Moons are also extremely difficult to see while in flight. Nocturnal dragons, they usually only hunt during moonless nights, a fact that eventually led to their name.

Midnight Moons have longer necks than other dragons and two sets of red eyes. They have purple-black scales and wings and dull gold underbellies, horns and nails.

While their nails are not particularly long, they are very sharp and strong. Midnight Moons use them to scale the volcanoes they inhabit instead of flying up to their caves. This is thought to be because they would rather land on the outside of the volcano and climb over the edge instead of flying over the caldera and possibly get sprayed by active lava.


The first Midnight Moon Dragon was spotted by Pliny the Younger, leaving Mt Vesuvius shortly before its massive explosion engulfed the city of Pompeii in ancient Rome in 79 CE.

Today, sightings are extremely rare, though scientists know which volcanoes are inhabited by Midnight Moons by nail markings and other tell-tale signs.

Present Status

Rare, monitored, stable numbers. The most well-known Mightnight Moon lives on Kilauea, in Hawaii. It is sighted at least once a month.


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