Manx Cat

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The Manx cat is a breed of domestic cat. This cat breed originated on the Isle of Man and is known by its distinctive shortened tail. This cat is a very fierce hunter, and is highly sought after by those who need a good mouser to control a rodent problem.

Manx Cat

Manx Cat

Scientific & Common Names

The Manx cat's scientific name is Felis catus. Common names for this cat are simply the Manx cat, the Manks or the Manx. Characteristics

The Manx cat is a small to medium breed of cat. This cat can weigh between eight and ten pounds for males, and between six and eight pounds for females. The Manx is quickly recognizable, thanks to his short stubby tail. The Manx has a double coat, and this coat can be a long or short coat.


The Manx cat, like other domestic breeds of cats, can reproduce quickly and produce hundreds of kittens over its life span. The Manx reaches sexual maturity well before his first birthday. The Manx can have several litters of kittens each year, and each of these litters produces between three and seven kittens. The gestational period for the Manx cat is around two months. The Manx is also susceptible to several life-threatening illnesses when not properly bred. As with other breeds of cats, it is important to breed responsibly and have your cat spayed or neutered.


The Manx has no set personality traits; they are as varied as human beings. Some of these cats may be big on snuggling, while others just want to be left alone to enjoy a high spot on a cabinet or in a windowsill. A few cat toys and the occasional catnip treat will keep your Manx in good spirits.


The Manx was bred prior to the 1800s, but the first record of this cat was made sometime around 1903.

Present Status

The Manx cat is in no danger of extinction. However, several illnesses can befall this cat when proper breeding procedures are not observed. It is important to practice proper breeding procedures and spay and neuter when necessary.