Magnus the Wizard

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Magnus the Wizard has never told anyone where he comes from, nor how old he is. King Alfredremembers Magnus looking exactly the same 30 years ago, when he was a boy and Magnus was the Old King’s advisor, but Magnus won’t address the subject. A portrait, made in the Old King’s youth, shows Magnus at the side of Alfred’s great-grandfather, but Magnus has always said that was his own grandfather and not himself.

Magnus the Wizard only ever replies to questions about his age from very small children, and always with the same response: “I am as old as my tongue, and a little older than my teeth.”

Adults know better than to ask.

Magnus the Wizard has many powers and is very respected by those who know him and feared by those who don’t. He tells the king he is not a wizard—he merely knows science the king doesn’t understand—but Alfred believes anyone who can make fire from powder is a wizard, so a Wizard Magnus is.

Even with his great knowledge and power, Magnus is never afraid to admit when he is wrong. In fact, he is always delighted to be proven wrong, as it happens so rarely. When Queen Sophia corrected him on the properties of a medicinal plant, he was so happy for the new knowledge, he used magic rockets to make the sky glow red and purple for her pleasure.

Magnus is also the only sorcerer the townspeople have ever heard of who can talk with dragons. He insists that dragon language is actually not hard at all to learn, but no one in living memory—aside from Magnus himself—has been brave enough to try and speak to a dragon face-to-face, even after years of study, so Magnus’s point remains untested.

Magnus’s greatest moment came during the War, when he made lighting hit the opposing army’s artillery, causing it all to catch fire. The destruction of the weaponry saved thousands of lives and led to the first face-to-face meeting between the two rulers that would eventually lead to the declaration of peace.

Magnus the Wizard

Magnus the Wizard