Lucy on a Cardinal set

Category: Fantasy

Lucy on a Cardinal is very mischievous. A daredevil, she likes wearing trousers and leggings and has no interest in dresses—they invariably get caught on something, tear, and slow her down.

Lucy likes to run fast and fly faster. Sometimes, she lets her love of skirting danger go too far and gets herself in perilous situations, but luckily she hasn’t had anything go wrong too seriously. Her older friends worry about her, though: they don’t want her to stop being herself, they only want her to stay safe.

Even though Bluebell is teaching Lucy tricks with Pony, Lucy is trying to translate them to flying on Feather, her cardinal friend. Feather tries hard to copy Pony’s movements, but Feather isn’t very bright and hoofs and wings move very differently. Lucy doesn’t mind; she still has fun flying with Feather.

Lucy on a Cardinal set also never misses a seedtwist match. She hopes to try out for the team when she’s a little bigger.

Lucy on a Cardinal

Lucy on a Cardinal

Scientific Name

Fairies (Fata faierie) are closely related to sprites (Fata spriggan). Goblins and trolls are also part of the Fata family.


Generally, fairies are eight to ten inches tall when full-grown. They are usually human-shaped, usually fair-skinned, and winged, though this is by no means a rule. Fairies have been seen in the shape of small woodland creatures, including small rodents and birds. Some fairies are also innate shape-shifters, though this is not common.


As varied as the places from whence they hail, fairies from Britain and Ireland—the most common ancestor to the American fairy—have been known to humans as long as humans have lived on those islands. Occasionally confused with pixies, who are also very small in stature, fairies are most known for the raucous parties they hold in fairy rings and for occasionally stealing human children.

Present Status

No confirmed sightings in over 200 years, though mushroom fairy rings, used for parties or circuses, are common after rain.