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Leviathan is a giant sea monster, often depicted as a great twisted sea serpent in ancient texts.



Scientific Name

According to some sources, Leviathan is the beast of the sea, and is the water-based counterpart of Behemoth, the beast of the land. Leviathan is usually presented as female, while Behemoth is male. Sometimes a third creature named Ziz is mentioned alongside the other two, to represent the air. Some believe the arrival of these beasts is a sign of the end of the world.

The name “Leviathan” is derived from the Hebrew word “livyatan” which means twisted and coiled, a reference to the serpentine nature of the sea monster. Various sources describe it as a twisted or crooked serpent, or a dragon that is the enemy of light. Its size is enormous, and some of the oldest recorded mentions describe it as being 300 miles in length.

Today, it is believed that the source for the Leviathan legends may have been large whales, although it is argued by some that a crocodile is the more likely animal.


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