Lava Dragon

Category: Fantasy

Born deep within a volcano, the Lava Dragon is perpetually in a foul mood, angry that it has been expelled from its cavernous home, always seeking to return to the molten underworld.

Lava Dragon

Lava Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco magma


The Lava Dragon is the fiery orange of molten lava, its wings the sooty gray of igneous rock. With its fearsome curved horns, sharp teeth and huge talons, the Lava Dragon is a terrifying sight to behold. With each beat of its gargantuan wings, sooty volcanic ash rains down upon its victims.


Originally, the Lava Dragon was content to live in its home, deep in the bowels of the Earth. Then one day, a historic eruption of a great volcano expelled the Lava Dragon into the surface world. Since then it has been unable to get back to its underground home, and it blames the surface dwellers for its predicament.

Present Status

The eruption that forced the Lava Dragon above ground also is believed to have destroyed its subterranean home, explaining why it does not simply re-enter through the volcano that shot it forth in the first place. It roams the skies of this cold, unfamiliar realm, angry and volatile and waiting to take its aggression out on all living things on the surface world. If a flurry of ash descends from the sky like snow, and there are no volcanoes or wild fires nearby, it’s best to run – the Lava Dragon may be preparing to strike!