Krystal Blue Dragon

Category: Fantasy

A sea-dwelling Eastern Dragon, the Krystal Blue Dragon is all ice blue and gold, save for its red tongue and eyes.

Krystal Blue Dragon

Krystal Blue Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco herpentia


Like all Eastern dragons, the Krystal Blue is longer and more lithe than its European counterparts. Its light blue scales face to almost white at is paws and to almost navy along its back crest, to better blend in with its aquatic environment.

Its gold underbelly and head crest are usually seen from creatures below it in the water. It mimics dappled sunlight, as seen from underwater, to better camouflage it.

Usually regarded as lucky, Krystal Blues live in healthy rivers with plenty of fish.


Krystal Blue Dragons were identified by Korean villagers in the 1100s and have been venerated there since. Krystal Blues can be identified as Korean in origin because of their four toes: Chinese dragons have five; Japanese have three.

Before the mid-twentieth century, villagers would leave bowls of milk or fresh eggs out for Krystal Blues. While neither is edible by this species of dragon, they nevertheless understood the meaning behind the offering and would occasionally perform small favors for particular favorites.

There are stories of Krystal Blues herding fish for struggling fishermen that stretch back to the 1300s.

Present Status

Rare to the scarcity of their habitat, stable numbers. Regular sightings.


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