Jungle Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Jungle Dragon is highly adapted to its environment, and is able to blend in with its jungle habitat.

Jungle Dragon

Jungle Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco truncatis


Jungle Dragons showcase the remarkable adaptability of dragons. It has evolved the perfect camouflage for its jungle home, with scales that resemble leaves, legs that are thick and gnarled like wooden tree trunks, and twisted horns that resemble barren branches. When a Jungle Dragon is standing still, it is nearly impossible to spot amongst the foliage of the jungle.



The Jungle Dragon is believed to be a relatively recent form of dragon that branched off at some point from the lineage of the Forest Dragon. The Jungle Dragon is much more specialized for its tropical habitat, and it's believed that long ago a group of Forest Dragons may have been blown far out of their usual range by a severe storm and ended up stranded in the rain forest, where they decided to make a home for themselves. Over time this small population of dragons may have evolved to lose their wings to better navigate through the dense jungle foliage, while also developing the breed's trademark camouflage features.

Present Status

The jungles and rainforests that are home to this dragon are largely unexplored, and this coupled with their exceptional blending ability makes it nearly impossible to get an accurate picture of how many Jungle Dragons may be out there.