Jewel Dragon

Category: Fantasy

All dragons love treasure and many are quite self-absorbed, but the Jewel Dragon takes its love of shiny things to the extreme. Usually, dragons merely hoard their treasure in caverns, but the Jewel Dragon loves to wear and show off its finery, admiring itself in its jeweled mirror.

Jewel Dragon

Jewel Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco gemma


Jewel Dragons love to adorn themselves in their riches and finery, accenting their scales with precious stones and weighing themselves down with heavy crowns, tiaras, necklaces and other accessories. Because of this, even though they have powerful wings, it is typically difficult for them to fly due to the excess weight all of their adornments. To these dragons, giving up the ability to fly is a small price to pay for looking fabulous.

Some Jewel Dragons take their flamboyant ways even further, painting their claws vibrant hues and painting their scales with brightly colored clay and dyes. Though these dragons feature fearsome talons and sharp teeth just like others of their kind, they are often too self-absorbed to notice when someone else is nearby, so they are not considered dangerous...unless you steal one of their trinkets, of course.


Purple is a color not often found in dragons, so it is believed that Jewel Dragons may have been royally bred at some point in the past. However, their propensity to steal rather than protect treasure means they would likely have made poor defenders of regal riches. Thus is it surmised by some that this color is achieved by the dragons through artificial means.

Their demeanor ranges from indifferent to pleasant, and some can be downright friendly, so they may be related to the equally purple Happy Dragon, but their companionship is always secondary to their love of themselves and their collection of precious things.

A legend tells of a Jewel Dragon that stole the prized sapphires of Atlantis, and without the protective powers of these magical jewels, the city eventually was consumed by the sea.

Present Status

Jewel Dragon numbers are declining, mainly because their love of wearing their own treasure can sometimes make them easy targets. The more precious stones and metal they collect, the more they adorn themselves with. This weighs them down, making them unable to fly and slowing down their movements greatly. Thus, they can be more easily hunted than other dragons which can flee through flight or defend themselves with swiftly.