Jasmine fairy

Category: Fantasy

Jasmine fairy is the most shy of all the fairies. She is usually found in flowerbeds by herself, or surrounded by the beetles and grubs who live there. She prefers to be left alone and has never explained why.

Jasmine occasionally comes in for large celebrations. She likes the food, music and seeing everyone having a good time, but she usually doesn’t dance much or talk at all. All the other fairies respect her preference, and make sure Jasmine knows she is welcome to join them whenever she wants.

Jasmine fairy is also very, very beautiful. She wishes she were a shape-shifter like Bluebell, so she could be plainer. She thinks her beauty just draws more attention to herself.

Jasmine fairy

Jasmine fairy

Scientific Name

Fairies (Fata faierie) are closely related to sprites (Fata spriggan). Goblins and trolls are also part of the Fata family.


Generally, fairies are eight to ten inches tall when full-grown. They are usually human-shaped, usually fair-skinned, and winged, though this is by no means a rule. Fairies have been seen in the shape of small woodland creatures, including small rodents and birds. Some fairies are also innate shape-shifters, though this is not common.


As varied as the places from whence they hail, fairies from Britain and Ireland—the most common ancestor to the American fairy—have been known to humans as long as humans have lived on those islands. Occasionally confused with pixies, who are also very small in stature, fairies are most known for the raucous parties they hold in fairy rings and for occasionally stealing human children.

Present Status

No confirmed sightings in over 200 years, though mushroom fairy rings, used for parties or circuses, are common after rain.