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A large rabbit with reindeer-like antlers, the jackalope is native to Wyoming, USA. It can mimic human sounds—usually to evade capture—and is usually very shy, unless approached, when it becomes very aggressive.



Scientific Name

The jackalope (Lepus temperamentalus) is also known as the warrior rabbit or the horny rabbit.


Usually between three and five pounds, jackalopes are rabbits with reindeer-like antlers. They have white or brown fur and can run at very fast speeds, though nowhere near the 90 mph claimed by some sources.

They can mimic many sounds, but are especially well-known for eluding hunters by shouting, “That’s him! There he goes!”

Jackalope also appears to have a European cousin, in Germany, known as the wolperdinger, and in Sweden, there is a related species called the skvader.


Jackalopes were discovered by Douglas Herrick in Douglas, Wyoming, in 1932, though other species of horned rabbit have been identified in European book illustrations as far back as the 16th century.

Since their 20th century discovery in the American West, taxidermied jackalope heads have been valued souvenirs. Herrick discovered that the best way to capture a jackalope is to bait it with whiskey. After drinking a saucerful, the rabbits are much slower and easier to catch.

Present Status

No trappings since the 1980s, but unofficial sightings are reported regularly through Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.


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