Ice Dragon

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The rarest of all living dragons, Ice Dragons only live in the tundra and at the top of snow-capped mountains, a smaller habitat than even the Snow Dragon. There are only three specimens known to still be alive.

Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco hymalayas


Ice dragons have the long, serpentine body common to all true dragons, as well as four legs ending in powerful paws and large, bat-like wings. Their scales are white/blue and iridescent, and their horns and spikes are silver.

While large and powerful, especially when compared to Snow Dragons, Ice Dragons are more limited in their habitat range because of their temperature and feeding requirements.

Unlike Snow Dragons, Ice Dragons thrive in extremely cold temperatures only achieved at the poles and atop the highest mountains, and their preferred diet is bear.

Because of this, Ice Dragons have totally abandoned the South Pole. An occasionally-breeding pair lives near the North Pole, and a lone female lives in the Himalayan Mountains, though the locations of their exact burrows or caves is unknown. No young have been seen to survive since their identification, though the pair continues to occasionally produce eggs.


First identified following Arctic exploration expeditions in the mid-1800s.

Present Status

Extremely endangered, closely monitored.


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