Haze Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Haze Dragon is a type of wyvern and is closely related to the Thunder Dragon. It prefers flying lower to the ground to sneak up on unsuspecting prey.

Haze Dragon

Haze Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco vapos


The Haze Dragon is mostly green, which helps them blend in with hills and green fields when flying low. Its hooked beak, forelegs which have evolved into wings (as opposed to wings separated from the front limbs), and sinewy body are all typical of wyverns.


Wyverns like the Haze Dragon are an early offshoot in the dragon lineage. The key difference between wyverns and most other dragons is the presence of an extra pair of limbs in many dragon species, which are four-legged and usually winged. Wyverns typically have two rear legs and forelegs which have become wings. However, this distinction is not absolute, as many true dragons have no wings at all, and other dragons share the wyvern's configuration. The dragon evolutionary family tree is not fully understood, and it is believed that there are still "missing links" which, when discovered, will better explain the taxonomic connections of dragons.

Present Status

Even among dragons, wyverns like the Haze Dragon are rare. Thus, they are poorly understood and very little is known about their habits. However, the Haze Dragon is known to be cunning and fierce, and should be treated with caution.