Happy Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Happy Dragon is a friendly and docile dragon that enjoys playing with children.

Happy Dragon

Happy Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco felix


The Happy Dragon is a brightly colored with a personality to match. This dragon lacks the predatory and fearsome traits of many of its relatives, and enjoys the company of human, especially children. A small dragon, this creature once frequented towns and villages where it frolicked with the youth and would take them on brief flights around the countryside.


Happy Dragons were once more numerous, and there was a time when just about every town seemed to have its own joyful dragon. However, as sentiment toward dragons turned sour due to the vicious nature of many larger species, many Happy Dragons were driven from human population centers. They continued to exist on the outskirts of human settlements, never willing to abandon hope in humankind. They continued to provide assistance and comfort to children whenever possible, helping a lost child find its way home, or gently consoling a sad youngster with kindness and understanding.

Present Status

Happy Dragons are not as plentiful as they once were, though they are still thought to exist in fairly large numbers. They are a bit more wary of humans than they once were, but they still trust in the goodness of people, especially children, and thus are far likely to reveal themselves to them.