Guardian Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Guardian Dragon is a loyal protector of any who earn its favor. Brave knights, noble kings and queens, and powerful wizards can attain the respect of a Guardian Dragon if they are able to impress it with their skills and courage.

Guardian Dragon

Guardian Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco custos


The Guardian Dragon has a well-deserved reputation as a fierce protector. It stands upright and alert at all times, and often outfits itself with additional armor plating in addition to its scales, which themselves are as thick as most armor. They have powerful wings, thick strong limbs, sharpened talons and large teeth. Their demanor is similar to that of a guard dog, so they are often mistaken for pets, though they are much more akin to bodyguards and consider themselves the equals of those they are guarding.


Guardian Dragons have been bred by royal and noble houses to cultivate their loyal and tenacious nature, though they must be willing participants in this process. They are considered tame and trainable by those they are bonded with, but if a Guardian Dragon does not choose to partake in this process of its own free will, it will be just as wild and feral as any other dragon. The trust of a Guardian Dragon is earned over generations, and can they can form bonds with humans as strong as siblings.

Present Status

Guardian Dragons are extremely rare, and most of the known lines that were paired with houses and families have long since passed into legend.