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Guanlong (Gwon-long), Crown Dragon, lived in the Late Jurassic of Asia. It was featured in National Geographic Dino death trap documentary about the excavation of a mud trap containing 14 fossil dinosaurs. It displays both derived and primitive coelurosaur characters that caused it to be identified as an early tyrannosaur but it may turn out to be a carnosaur related to Monolophosaurus. It shared its environment with giant sauropods and allosaurids.



Genera and Species

Classification: Theropoda, Tetanura, Coelurosauria, Tyrannosauroidea

Species: G. wucaii


Guanlong had a large, fragile, highly pneumatic crest on its skull like a Mohawk haircut. It had snout ridges united and enlarged into a single midline crest with a backward projection. Guanlong had three long fingers on its hands may have had a coat of primitive feathers.


LENGTH: 3.5 m (11 ft)

WEIGHT: 125 kg (250 lb).


Guanlong was a small agile predator. The crest is too fragile for head butting but would be useful as a display within the species.

History of Discovery

Discovered by Xu, Clark, Forster, Norell, Erickson, Eberth, Jia and Zhao, in 2006. It is known from a partial skeleton and a much smaller nearly complete skeleton.


Found in Northwest China conifer forests.


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