Green-Winged Macaw

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The Green-Winged Macaw, also known as the Red and Green Macaw, is a very large type of parrot that hails from South America. This bird has red and green feathers with blue trim.

Green-Winged Macaw

Green-Winged Macaw

Scientific & Common Names

Kingdom - Animalia

Phylum - Chordata

Class - Aves

Order - Psittaciformes

Family - Psittacidae

Subfamil - Arinae

Genus - Ara

Species - A. chloroptera

Common Names: Green-winged Macaw, Red and Green Macaw


The Green Winged Macaw is a stunning bird, both in looks and personality. This bird is approximately 40 inches long, with a wingspan of up to 40 inches, and can weigh up to three pounds. It has a vivid red, green, and blue color pattern; the various colors of feathers form stripes on the body.


The Green Winged Macaw typically mates for life, and both partners raise offspring together. The Green Winged Macaw lays two to three eggs at a time, and the incubation period for these eggs is approximately a month. After hatching, one baby chick takes all nourishment and the others perish for lack of nutrition. New Green Winged Macaws typically leave the nest at around 95 days of age.


The Green Winged Macaw is very loving and playful when in captivity, and loves to spend time with humans. This bird has the ability to speak and repeat human words. This is a very loud bird, and definitely makes its presence known with its voice. When in the wild, these birds can be very aggressive as adults, but babies of the species are very loving and playful.


The Green Winged Macaw hails from South America and has a very long life span, similar to other birds in the Macaw family. Typically, this bird can live around 50 years when in the wild, but has been known to live up to 80 years when in captivity.

Present Status

Due to trapping and trade issues, the Green Winged Macaw is a protected species. This bird is becoming increasingly popular as a household pet, both due to its wonderful temperament and its beautiful coloring.