Good Luck Dragon

Category: Fantasy

A distant relative to eastern dragons, the Good-Luck Dragon is far less reptilian in appearance than most dragons. It can breathe blue fire and its only other powers are that of flight and extreme luck.

Good Luck Dragon

Good Luck Dragon

Baby Luck Dragon

Baby Luck Dragon

Scientific Name

The Good-Luck Dragon (Draco fortynis) is also known as Lucky Dragon.


A large, white animal with a long, serpentine body, covered in both long, white saggy fur and iridescent, white-pink scales, the Good Luck Dragon has six legs ending in soft paws, like a large dog. Its eyes can be ruby red or crystal blue and its tail is lion-like.


Good Luck Dragons are some of the rarest in the world. Because they possess almost no powers compared to most other Eastern dragons, they were shunned for many centuries.

That is not to say that they are enemies to humans; on the contrary, they are very friendly and approachable and are particularly fond of children, allowing favorites to climb on their neck for short flights.

Like other eastern dragons, they fly without wings, through magic.

Good Luck Dragons are rare, but the rarest find of all is a baby Luck Dragon. It is said that encountering one of these creatures will lead to even greater good fortune.

Present Status

Extremely rare, only six are known to still exist.


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