Gnome Dragon

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Gnome Dragon

Gnome Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco gnomus


The Gnome Dragon shares a lot of its look with Gnorman the Gnome, including a bushy beard and bushy eyebrows. The red, pointed horn atop his head resembles a gnome’s hat, and he’s also got a bushy mane of white hair. His scales are green, his wings are red, and his expression seems permanently serene and stoic.


It’s not exactly known how a dragon could come to resemble a gnome so well, though many have put forth their own theories. The most commonly accepted theory is that before he looked so gnome-ish, the Gnome Dragon was a shapeshifter who attempted to mimic the form of a gnome and became frozen in that form during the transition. The Gnome Dragon doesn’t seem to mind his present form, however, and is by and large a friendly, gentle creature.

Present Status

There is only one known Gnome Dragon, and he can often be found in the vicinity of his friend Gnorman. Together they enjoy traveling and going on adventures. Gnorman finds riding on the dragon’s back to be much more efficient and comfortable than walking from destination to destination.