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Giganotosaurus (Gee-gah-note-oh-sore-us), Giant Southern Lizard, lived in the first part of the Late Cretaceous of South America. These gigantic allosaurids were the apex predators in fauna dominated by the supersized titianosaurs, medium sized saltasaurines and medium size abeilesaurs. Ornithiscians are the medium to small plant eaters. They disappear from the fossil record when the giant titiansaurs decline. Giganotosaurus was closely related to or a species of Carchardontosaurus.



Genera and Species

Classification: Theropoda, Tetanura, Carnsauria, Carcharodontosauridae

Species: G. carolinii


Giganotosaurus was longer but lighter than Tyrannosaurus and competed with Spinosaurus as the largest theropod. The partial skulls were initially restored with too great a length. The teeth were designed like steak knives for cutting unlike the crushing spike like teeth of Tyrannosaurus.


LENGTH: 14 m (46 ft).

WEIGHT: 6 - 8 tons.


Apex predator bone beds of the related Mapusaurus may indicate they were social. They were not evolved for running as their prey the giant sauropods like Andesaurus were not fast animals.

History of Discovery

Discovered Coria and Salgado, 1995 and known from a 70% complete but disarticulated skeleton that includes most of the skull.


Found in Argentina South America short wet season in arid plains with forests restricted to rivers.


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