Ghost Dragon

Category: Fantasy

Ghost Dragons are sinister looking, skeletal creatures that are cursed to walk the Earth forever.

Ghost Dragon

Ghost Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco phasma


The Ghost Dragon is an emaciated dragon covered in dark blue scales and bony projections. Its wings are torn and tattered, and its horned head has wasted away to an eerie skull.


The dark colors of the Ghost Dragon make it very difficult to see on the rare nights where it appears. It is said to only be visible to human eyes when a new moon is in the sky on All Hallow's Eve. They wander the Earth searching for ancient treasures and old enemies long forgotten. Though all dragons are long-lived creatures, Ghost Dragons never truly die. However, it can also be said that they never truly live. They exist in the world between the dead and the living, doomed to wander aimlessly in a wraith-like state with an insatiable thirst. It is said that dragons become Ghost Dragons by drinking a magical elixir which wastes away their physical form.

Present Status

The total number of Ghost Dragons is unknown, as they are so rarely encountered. Any dragon can become a Ghost Dragon by drinking a specific elixir, but it is unknown how many have undergone this transformation as the conditions for being able to see a Ghost Dragon only occur very rarely.