Forest Dragon

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Forest dragons inhabit the ancient/old-growth forests, where the trees reach hundreds of years old. With habitat loss due to logging and other human activities, their numbers are dwindling.

Forest Dragon

Forest Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco silvestris


Like all true dragons, Forest Dragons have a reptilian body, power claws, bat-like wings and a long, narrow snout.

Always green, Forest Dragons’ exact shade will depend on what their specific habitat is: Amazonian dragons will be closer to emerald green, while Pacific coastal Forest Dragons will be a deep, dark, green. This is because they need to blend with their native forests. Some individuals even have spots to mimic breaks in the canopy, or tiny dots to mimic wildflowers.


Though their numbers have significantly dwindled since the 1600s, Forest Dragons remain some of the most populous in the world due to the extents coverage of old-growth forests compared to other dragon habitats.

Most forest dragons live in South America, in the Amazon forest. A significant number live in North America, in red wood forests along the U.S./Canadian border. A similar number live in Northern Asia, along boreal forest lines. Very few Forest Dragons remain in Africa or Europe, due to drastic logging of old-growth forests.

Present Status

Steady numbers, managed.


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