Fog Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Fog Dragon, close relative of the Cloud Dragon, often uses the cover of dense fog to disguise its presence.

Fog Dragon

Fog Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco caligo


The Fog Dragon is similar in appearance to the Cloud Dragon, but is a darker and more fearsome looking dragon. This is also reflected in its personality. They have bony wings, prominent horns, and vicious teeth and claws.


Fog Dragons use the cover of dense fog to hide, and thus are rarely seen. However, their presence is often known by the damage they leave behind. The destruction they wreak on villages and seafaring vessels in their coastal habitat is often blamed on wind or storms, as Fog Dragons are well adapted for low-flying ambushes and are experts at concealing themselves.

Present Status

The exact population numbers for Fog Dragons are not known. They are more frequently encountered than their Cloud Dragon cousins, as they are more likely to be in the vicinity of humans due to their preference for fog, which are clouds that have descended to ground level. Even so, they are often only briefly or partially spied, with only a glimpse of wing or a wisp of tail being seen.