Fire Dragon

Category: Fantasy

A dragon/hydra hybrid species, the fire dragon generally inherits the fiercest, most violent tendencies from it parents. As it is a hybrid, it cannot reproduce.

fire dragon

fire dragon


The red and gold fire dragon inherits traits from both its hydra mother— multiple heads, regeneration, and a foul stench— as well as its dragon father— fire breathing and general appearance. Its bad temper, though, is inherited from both parents.

The fire dragon has three heads, a traits it inherits from its hydra mother. If one is cut off, a new one will replace it. All three heads can breathe fire and have dragons’ horns.

Smaller than most other dragons, it makes up for its size with its aggression. The few fire dragons that remain guard their territory fiercely from any intruders, including other dragons. They usually eat their bodies for sustenance.

Because fire dragons are hybrids, like mules, they are sterile. All the fire dragons currently in existence where born before the hydra was slain in ancient Greece. After they all die, fire dragons will be extinct.

However, it is not known how long fire dragons live. Researchers estimate their lifetimes to be up to six thousand years.

Present Status

Extremely rare, closely monitored (from a distance).


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