Fairy Pony

Category: Fantasy

A full-sized pony (Equus ferus caballus) taken by the fairies as a foal and made fairy-sized by their magic. Pony, like all ponies, is smart and sturdy. Unlike most ponies, he is also very mischievous, likely from his fairy upbringing.

Pony is known for playing mean tricks on fairies who try to ride him without his consent, usually throwing them into haylofts or shallow pools. He has only ever injured one would-be rider, a thoughtless fairy named Mustardseed, after he tried to use a riding crop on Pony, something he had seen humans do.

Mustardseed apologized with a big bag of carrots and many sugar lumps, and he and Pony are friendly now, though Mustardseed has never tried to ride Pony again.

Fairy Pony is great friends with Bluebell, who does flips from Pony’s back while he trots fancy footwork, two very fancy tricks done at the same time. Bluebell was tidying up the corner of the meadow that eventually became Pony’s fairy home when he was first brought in from the humans, and she smelled like hay and morning dew. Pony knew right away that he liked her.

When Pony is not visiting with Bluebell or her friend Lucy, he likes to go for long runs under bushes, away from human eyes. Aside from carrots, oats and sugar lumps, he is also very fond of apples and macaroons.

No one knows how he discovered macaroons, but Pony can frequently be seen licking up crumbs from his chops. He doesn’t share his macaroons.

Fairy Pony

Fairy Pony

Scientific Name

Full-sized ponies (Equus ferus caballus) are shorter and stouter than full-sized horses, usually reaching no more than 50 or so inches. They remain the same species, however.


Ponies have shorter legs and denser fur than full-sized horses, in addition to rounder bodies and features. Generally, ponies are smart and friendly and occasionally stubborn.

Fairy Pony, however, was stolen from a human farm as a prank on a mean stable boy when he was 2 days old. The fairies hand-raised him, keeping him fairy-sized and making him unusually smart and playful.


There are no previous recorded instances of Fairy ponies, though fairies have been riding giant fireflies as long as fairy history has been recorded.

Present Status

One of a kind, healthy.