Desert Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The fearsome Desert Dragon is a scorpion-like monster with fierce pincers, a spiked tail and a hard outer carapace (shell).

Desert Dragon

Desert Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco desertum


The Desert Dragon has adapted to the harsh arid environments in which it lives. Its scales have fused into a tough exoskeleton that protects it from sandstorms, powerful pincers and strong jaws to help it catch prey, and a tail that ends in a venomous stinger. Its sandy yellow scales help it hide as it stalks its victims.


Many travelers in the desert vanish without a trace. Water and food are scarce, and sandstorms can strike without warning, burying any sign of visitors. But there is another threat, and those who make their homes in the desert are well acquainted with the tales of this dragon, which can swallow camels whole and wipe out entire nomad camps.

Present Status

Desert Dragon numbers are difficult to track, as few people encounter them and live to tell the tale. They are also astute at remaining undetected, and can "swim" through the sand if they wish to avoid exposing themselves. It is thought that they become more common in the areas where the desert becomes more inhospitable.