Crystal Cavern Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Crystal Cavern Dragon is an ancient dragon species that live in geode caverns formed during the turbulent volcanic eras of the past.

Crystal Cavern Dragon

Crystal Cavern Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco crystallo


The Crystal Cavern Dragon may look brittle and delicate, but don't like its shiny gleaming crystal exterior fool you. This dragon is immensely strong and powerful. Since it lives so close to the Earth's core, it can withstand unthinkable heat and pressure.


It’s believed that the Crystal Cavern Dragon may be one of the very first dragon species. Crystal Cavern Dragons are formed in massive geodes deep below the crust of the planet. Inside these geoges are untold riches of incredible crystals, formed by immense pressure and cooling magma over millions and billions of years. As the plates of the Earth shift, these geode caverns could crack, freeing Crystal Cavern Dragons and allowing them to make their way to the surface world.

Present Status

The Crystal Cavern is extremely rare on the surface, but no one is certain how many exist in the geode caverns deep within the Earth's mantle. It's possible they are quite common, though very few escape their underground lairs.