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Crylophosaurus (Cry-oh-low-foe-sore-us), Cold Crested Lizard , lived in the Early Jurassic of Antarctica and hunted the prosauropds living there in the Polar forests. It is known unofficially as Elvisaurus for the waved crest on its head. It was one the early large theropods.

Genera and Species

Classification: Theropoda, Tetanura, Coelophysoidea

Species: C. ellioti


It has a deep, narrow skull with a large lacrimal crest with orbital horn fused to the crest on each side. It was found in association with bones from a prosauropod, a pterosaur, synapsids and other unidentified theropods.


LENGTH: 6 m (27 - 36 ft).


It preyed upon the primitive sauropodomorphs. The crests were used for display in territorial or breeding contests.

History of Discovery

Discovered by Hammer and Hickerson, in 1994 it is the first carnivorous dinosaur found in Antarctica and the first dinosaur described from Antarctica.


Cryolophosaurus lived in central Antarctica and the environment has been reconstructed as a wet temperate forest with daylight dominated summers and dark cold winters. Antarctica was probably a collection of islands during the Mesozoic.


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