Cloud Dragon

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One of the rarest and least-investigated dragons, Cloud Dragons spend their entire lives airborne, save for breeding.

Cloud Dragon

Cloud Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco cummulus


Extremely large and muscular, Cloud Dragons have never been closely studied due to their elusiveness. They spent their entire lives airborne, except for when they come down to breed: usually in caves or precarious ledges.

What little of them is known has been observed from a great distance. They are large, as much as 50 percent larger than most other dragons. They are very muscular. They have purple/blue coloring, but are semi-translucent in parts, including their wings and scales, helping them blend into their cloud habitats. They have broader snouts than most land-based dragons, but it is not known why.


Cloud Dragons were thought to be myths until one was sighted by a large group of scientists in the Yukon in 1827. That group of scientists, led by Dr Maria Ahronson, also spotted a Cloud Dragon nest, which is how we now know of their land-based reproduction.

No other sightings were documented until 1896, then again in 1925 and 1978.

Present Status

Extremely rare, last sighting 2007.


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